You Are Enough

Good Morning Friends!!

I watched the Dallas Cowboys play yesterday and yesterday was not their day for a win. The last quarter of the game they started to play better but it was not enough to get them the win.

The Cowboys had been on a winning streak and the Denver Broncos stopped the winning streak.

Does it mean the Cowboys lost their talent?

No, it just means the Cowboys had a bad day and all the little things didn’t go as planned or were not executed to the best of their ability.

We are the same. We could be on a winning streak. Everything is going right. We are on the top of our game.

Then all of a sudden we have a bad day where nothing goes right. Does this mean we have lost our talent, our skill, our way, or we have run out of luck?

No, it means we had a bad day when all the little things didn’t go as planned and were not executed to the best of our ability.

My challenge for each of us this week is to remember that when we have a day that doesn’t go as planned it is just that, a day that didn’t go as planned.

We are still smart enough.

We are still strong enough.

We are still talented enough.

You are enough.

Your Friend,


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