Strong Human Mindset 

Helps you reshape your thought patterns by creating pillars supported by a foundation which will help you base current decisions thus altering your circumstances long term.  

We condition our bodies with weights, activities, and all sorts of other tools.  Oftentimes we neglect our mental conditioning.  For our mind to perform at peak performance we must also condition it in the same manner as we would our body.

Strong Human Round Table

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I am tired of
being a strong human

Strong Human Mindset Coaching

  • We will meet virtually 30 minutes each week

  • We will establish your current circumstances and set your goals 

  • We will utilize the four M2B Strategies (recognize change, intentionality, self development, and action) on a weekly basis to achieve your mental growth

  • Each week you will have tasks to complete that will support what we discussed in our session

  • Each week we will build on the previous week to move you towards your goals 

  • Unlimited Accountability via Text 

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3 Month Commitment Required 

$199 monthly 

Strong Human Initiative

What is a strong human? 


A strong human is one who consistently works on the three pillars of physical, mental, and spiritual that hold up a strong human.  Those three pillars are built on the foundation of love, encourage, and lead. 

Who Can Be a Strong Human?  


Any human working on his or her foundation to build pillars of physical, mental, and spiritual on a consistent basis.   

What is the Strong Human Initiative? 


The Strong Human Initiative is the program I have designed and utilized to help myself and my clients be Strong Humans in every aspect of their lives.  Where you are is your current starting point and we will use the strategies in my Strong Human Initiative to take you from where you are to living a life with limitless possibilities.    


The Strong Human Initiative requires a 3 month commitment to elevating yourself to realize you have limitless possibilities in life.  


In those 3 months we will build your solid foundation of love, encourage, and lead to which we will be able to build your pillars of physical, mental, and spiritual. 

What is included in your 90 Day Strong Human Initiative

  • Weekly 30 min virtual coaching session ($600 value)

  • Weekly 15 min virtual check in ($300 value)

  • Weekly Strong Human Mastermind ($239 value)

  • Monthly Personalized Online Workout Plan ($297 value)

  • 30 Day Obsession ($149 value)

  • Ongoing Dietary Consultation 

  • Unlimited Accountability via Text

  • 90 Day Strong Human Initiative $999 paid in full or $349 monthly recurring payment for 3 months.  (save over $500)

Click "Discovery Questionnaire" button at the bottom of page to find out if this is the right program for you

Payment in Full


Monthly Installments 

$349 per month

Discovery Session 


  • 15 minute virtual meeting 

  • You have the opportunity to share with me a little about you

  • We have the opportunity to discuss which program will best fit your goals

  • Fill out Discovery Questionnaire below and you will be contacted with in 24 hours to set up our Discovery Session

Your mind has limitless possibilities which in turn gives your life limitless possibilities